Fresh goods x Sony music


I started a record label three years ago, and we have just partnered with Sony Music! Let me explain.

I have always written and produced music for artists other than myself. Ever since I was 14, I knew I loved being in the studio, working tirelessly on music. Eric Wilson (Sublime) discovered me, broke and homeless, but with talent and ambition. Nevertheless, he believed in me. He saw something that made him want to help me live my full potential. Fresh Goods allows me to be able to pay that forward. This label has served as the vessel for me to support artists with passion and unparalleled work ethic to reach the very top. 

Partnering with Sony Music is an enormous opportunity for myself, my team, and our label roster. There is something magical about finding a new song from an unheard artist to then organizing and managing the process to ultimately share it with the world. We plan to take this movement to the next level! I feel there is much room for innovation and improvement within the music industry and how it treats its artists, songwriters, and producers. I feel confident achieving new heights and breaking the mold with my forward thinking - hardworking team! 

I can't stress enough how important it is for you to follow your passions. Just go out and get knocked down and stand back up again. This win for Fresh Goods feels more like a win for the entire community. 

With all the love in the world,
- Rome
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