BLOG: Times are changing

The times are changing ... again...and they will continue to at an alarming rate with the advent of personal computing. What a time to be alive. A certain type of committed individuals can propel their lives from rags to riches by simply learning how to turn on a community , engage and deliver goods to that community. 

Spotify has given the creators the keys to the car. An invitation to directly upload your music w/o any of the headache or mumbo jumbo that typically comes with an aggregator/distributer. This is an obviously progressive approach into where the digital music realm was headed and I wouldn’t doubt that Apple Music and Amazon Music will soon have to take the plunge and follow suit. 

Now if an artist wants to start their career on a single streaming platform, using a relatively simple upload application - Well here’s your start and what better time then the present. However,  if that same artist wants to give themselves the best shot at obtaining a sustainable career , or being noticed and remembered above all the noise; if they want to be supported by an incisive global strategy across multiple consumer-facing partners, they should think really hard about picking the best team. 

In today’s deeply fragmented digital media and entertainment marketplace, placing all your bets on one pony is a very bold strategy.

If you ask me, the smartest thing to do is to spread your bets and remember there is no “I” in career.

  • - Rome

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