Fresh Goods Music celebrates hitting 5,000,000 streams

All day Q&A w/ Rome

Today on FGM instagram (@freshgoodsmusic) , 8/29 10am

Our record label is most humbly celebrating our milestone of achieving 5,000,000+ streams since our first release Feb 2017πŸ™πŸ½

It is every kids dream to have their own record label and with the help of a few of my closest friends and colleagues we have been able to move the needle and continue to keep growing. Putting other peopleβ€˜s talents and futures ahead of my own is the best way I feel I can give back to the world for helping me achieve all that I have.

We have a very strong, optimistic, and forward thinking team that I could not be more proud of.


is a lot of hard work - preparation - long hours - late nights - early mornings - strict deadlines - pushed deadlines - endless conference calls, and sometimes just crazy ass situations that occur… but the milestones that we are celebrating are the reason that all this is worth it day in and day out.

Huge shouts to all our artists/producers/writers/visual artists/colleagues and most importantly the fans who listen to the music !


Fresh Goods